Liam Whittington

Liam Whittington

by jonnyhough

Liam is a researcher and analyst who has held positions for policy research organisations in Washington DC, Vienna, and the UK.

He has contributed to research and development projects in a range of countries operating in a variety of different policy areas, including education, security, local governance, international development, and civil service organisation. He has published on international policy issues and has experience of conducting public spending reviews.

Liam provides research, analysis, and writing services to a range of clients in Europe and North America, including research and consultancy organisations such as 3s Unternehmensberatung in Austria, the Forum of Federations in Canada, and universities in the United Kingdom.

He has worked on a number of European Union-funded education and skills projects, including advising on the English content of ESCO, the European Skills, Competences, and Occupations online portal, and DISCO II, the European Dictionary of Skills and Competences. Liam acts as an English language adviser for 3s Research Laboratory and Management Consultancy (Vienna) and regularly works on their international and European education and skills development projects.

Liam has contributed to governance reform projects in Nepal and Tunisia that addressed the decentralisation of government, civil service reform, and the development of greater gender equality. He has also assisted Leeds Metropolitan University’s Policy Research Institute in developing tenders and worked with them to enable the effective presentation of their portfolio of previous work.

Liam is a Research Fellow of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (Washington DC) and has published a number of articles on a range of international policy issues. This includes work on topics such as energy security, political instability, foreign policy and diplomatic relations, and counter-drug policy.

Liam holds a First Class Honours degree in Medieval and Modern History from the University of Birmingham, and an MA in International Relations from the University of Nottingham.