Good governance

Good governance

by jonnyhough

We review, design and improve governance arrangements in public and third sector bodies, and specialise in the management/politics relationship.

We work with organisations to develop an understanding of good governance governance which is not just about institutions and how they function. Rather, it extends to broader ideas about the wider ‘arrangements for governing’. Governance systems can be thought of as being comprised of both hardware and software. How an organisation or a programme is governed depends on a defined architecture comprising both “hardware” (for example, organisation structures and processes) and “software” (for example, people, culture, skills, and values). The software makes the hardware function. In other words, effective governance depends on people and how they interact as well as structures and the distribution of formal authority.

Work by our Directors has included the following (publications and other materials relating to them are available on request):

  • Develop of options and implementation of Regional Commissioning Committees in Wales
  • Independent review of devolved government spending programme and advice on stronger governance
  • Turnaround and governance in local government
  • Advice and training on decentralisation and on gender aspects of democratic participation and governance in Tunisia
  • Civil service reform in Nepal
  • Independent evaluation of the Anglesey Recovery Board and Commissioners
  • Chairing a review of two substantial Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funding programmes

Many of our Associates also have good governance experience in a range of UK and international contexts.