by jonnyhough

Achieving excellence in service and organisational performance is a function of combinations of many aspects of people, technology, information and analytics, relationships, systems, and context. Increasingly even defining what ‘high performance’ would be for a given service area is itself complex and subject to change or to being contested by different stakeholders and constituencies.

Our work and studies have equipped us well to understand these complexities, and to help clients navigate their way through them. It has included:

  • Extensive study of comparative performance ‘regimes’, and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a comprehensive performance framework capable of engaging equally at the levels of service delivery, organisational performance, and community planning
  • Performance reviews of services, people, and organisations
  • Strategic assessment of performance improvement models and their application
  • Design and implementation of performance improvement programmes

Materials are available on the above on request.

Clients for this area of our work include Belfast City Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, Audit Scotland, the Forum of Federations and Kosovo Municipalities.