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by Claire Collins

Active Inclusion Fund

RCS are appointed to evaluate the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action run and EU funded, Active Inclusion Fund (AIF). The evaluation is examining the effectiveness of the design and deployment of the Active Inclusion Fund (AIF) and the impacts for individuals who participate in funded support.

by Claire Collins

Evaluation of Sport Wales’ Calls 4 Action Programme

RCS were appointed by Sport Wales in September 2016 to undertake a real time evaluation of their innovative Lottery funded programme, ‘Calls 4 Action’.  The Programme aims to engage key target groups in greater sport participation – women and girls, disabled people, BME people, and those living in disadvantaged communities. 

by Claire Collins

The Social Investment Fund: An Assessment

RCS were appointed by BBC Spotlight to assess the quality of decision making and governance in relation to the Northern Ireland Social Investment Fund (SIF). The SIF is an £80m+ innovative community development programme with declared objectives to tackle complex and deep seated issues of exclusion, unemployment, and poverty in Northern Ireland.

by Claire Collins

Evaluation of Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)

This evaluation was commissioned to assess whether new working practices have improved the effectiveness, efficiency, impact, participation, and relevancy of the organisation. It was overseen by an Advisory Board with representation from the CEMR Secretariat and from members of CEMR’s working structures.

by Claire Collins

Management Charges within Supporting People Service Provision

Due to the severe downward pressure on Welsh Government revenue budgets, Supporting People budgets faced average reductions of 7.6% in 2015/16. This made it even more important that as much resource as possible is directed to front line service delivery, and that costs such as management charges are minimised.