by jonnyhough

Benchmarking is a ubiquitous and potentially very powerful method for driving performance and enhancing learning, and it can be applied at many levels to compare inputs, outputs or outcomes across people, services and organisations, and even at whole country level. But there are also major potential pitfalls in the use of benchmarking – risks of ‘gaming’, or excessive cost and bureaucracy, or of simply measuring the wrong thing.

Our Principals have extensive experience in the UK and internationally of benchmarking methods, including:

  • Comparative benchmarking of services within and across jurisdictions
  • Benchmarking of ‘excellence’
  • Assessment of organisational capabilities and competences against external benchmark standards
  • Use and application of international benchmark standards at the service and societal levels
  • Research into the effectiveness of benchmarking systems in the UK and in a wide range of other jurisdictions to establish how different benchmarking methods and systems can best be applied indifferent contexts and against different objectives

Materials on all of the above are available on request.

Clients and users of our work include the Economic and Social Research Council, the Forum of Federations, the Australian Productivity Commission, and the Tunisian Government.