by Claire Collins

Nicola is an experienced consultant, researcher, senior executive and non-executive director operating across government and public services, private and third sectors. Her key areas of expertise include strategy, policy and evaluation – specialising in the areas of sport, physical activity and leisure.

Sally is an experienced CEO and senior executive, working within local government, public service and in both private and third sectors. She specialises in public and private leisure and administration, and project management.

Ruby is an experienced senior consultant, executive and non-executive director, operating effectively within government, public service and the private and third sectors. Her specialisms include public services innovation, governance, stakeholder engagement and change management.

Aled Eirug is an experienced consultant and policy adviser, who has worked a a senior media professional in the BBC and ITV, as constitutional adviser to the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales, as policy adviser to the Education Minister in Wales, and as a consultant.

Mark is an executive coach (level 7) developing and supporting individuals to improve Physical Activity Consultant. His expertise is within producing maximum performance in teams through organisational culture; planning using an outcomes approach and project management.

Fiona is a leading international expert in strategic foresight techniques, including horizon scanning and futures research. Her experience is in working internationally across academe, government, and the voluntary and private sectors.

Jane Mansour is an independent policy consultant. She has a rich and varied combination of international operational, research, evaluation and policy experience.

Becca is an experienced social researcher and independent consultant, working on a variety of projects with government agencies and the voluntary sector.

Nicky works with individuals and organisations to develop productive cultures, manage risk in challenging environments and to encourage people to articulate concerns and needs.

Liam is a researcher and analyst who has held positions for policy research organisations in Washington DC, Vienna, and the UK, and who has conducted a wide range of assignments in policy and programme evaluation.