by jonnyhough

International work by our Directors has included the following (publications and other materials relating to them are available on request):

  • Programme design and direction of support for the decentralisation process in Tunisia and the MENA regime, including training needs assessments and training design and delivery for central and local officials and civil society actors
  • Creation of an extensive policy and practical framework for the federalisation of the Nepal Civil Service
  • Evaluation and review of the policy machinery of the Council for European Municipalities and Regions
  • Comparative international benchmarking of public services in Europe, North America and Australia, including three international seminars and two publications
  • Leading the training of officials and other actors in a multi-national seminar in south-east Asia
  • ‘Shoulder-to-shoulder’ working with local government officials in South Africa
  • Sustained engagement with international professional local government societies and associations
  • Work with organisations such as the EU and OECD

Clients for these projects have included the Forum of Federations, the Government of Tunisia, the United Nations Development Programme, the Government of Nepal, GIZ, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Many of our Associates also have international experience. Between us we have delivered work in over 40 countries across a wide range of research, evaluation and review, training, and advisory assignments. Variously we have designed, developed, led, directed, and contributed to these different projects.