Tim Allen BSc, MRICS

Tim Allen BSc, MRICS

by jonnyhough
RCS director and co-owner, and director and owner of PRA Consultancy Services Ltd . Tim is a consultant, community enterprise entrepreneur and academic teacher: the latter has included Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University, Chair of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Population Change at Southampton and St Andrews Universities, and Visiting Professor at Birkbeck.

Previously Tim was research director at the Local Government Association, and a senior civil servant included leading policy and funding reviews for Treasury and the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, the latter including a review of Defra grant funding arrangements and the design of the 2007 – 2013 EU Rural Development Programme. Earlier posts include Head of Corporate Strategy, Planning, Research and Governance in the former Countryside Agency as executive board member helping to create a new organisation and facilitate a first Corporate Strategy, Corporate Plan, and set up corporate performance management, governance and research functions, and working in various capacities to design, develop and deliver a more environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Tim’s expertise includes wide experience in leading, facilitating and working with national and local politicians, officials at all levels, and experts, to develop and implement public policy with a track record in environmental, economic, social, rural, research and data and transparency policy. He is used to operating in sensitive and political circumstances and has experience in the design and implementation of organisational strategy, corporate change and performance management at executive. Professional activities also include various roles in chairing and advising review panels for UK Research Councils.

Tim is also Chair and Company of Ilmington Community Shop and Cafe. As a founder member, Tim helped to establish the enterprise and raise funds to create a community owned co-operative, He is also and advisor to Plunkett Foundation, a UK charity, to help groups setting up and managing rural community enterprises and helps both individual community enterprises, and also Plunkett in assessing the benefits of such enterprises for community wellbeing and cohesion.

Tim is a Chartered Surveyor.

+44 7813 799131