Frameworks, clients and projects

Local Government Association

RCS and its Principals have carried out a wide range of assignments for the LGA. These include a study of the interventions in Doncaster and the Wirral; a review of key issues in the Visitor Economy; an analysis of issues relating to ageing; a rapid assessment of impact of Big Society in Birmingham; an evaluation of the corporate peer challenge process; a Governance Design and Implementation for the Children and Young People’s Improvement Board; an independent assessment of Local Government Improvement and its Future; a report to inform LGA policy development on young people and employment, education and training; and a quinquennial review of central funding of education bodies. Other local government projects include a study of Contestability, Competition and Improvement in Local Government, and a review of Achievement, Accountability and Performance in Northern Ireland local government.

Kosovo Government and Helvetas

We are part way through a 3 year contract to guide the reconstruction of the Performance Management System for Kosovo municipalities, working with Helvetas, a Swiss development agency. This is mainly ‘in-country’, and has also included organising a major UK Study Tour for key officials and politicians. We have also done extensive work in Nepal, Tunisia and South East Asia on decentralisation, and on civil service reform, for the Forum of Federations and for UNDP. We also conducted an international knowledge exchange project on benchmarking in public services in the UK, North America, and Australia for the ESRC and the Forum of Federations.

Welsh Government

An assessment of key issues relating to Local Government Finance; an analysis and proposals for a strategic approach to Impact Assessment; a review of the Supporting People Programme Governance arrangements, together with implementation support; a review of a major health and safety issue at an NHS Wales hospital; an assessment of Supporting People Programme management charges; a review of the Homelessness Grant Programme; a major local government study on ‘Learning to Improve’; an ESF Evaluation of Local Service Boards; and an evaluation of the Anglesey Intervention.

Economic and Social Research Council

These include a study of the impact of social science on business; a study of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in the private sector; the role of Local Government Knowledge Navigator; a long term study of comparative local government performance; and a study of Knowledge Exchange on Approaches to Performance Assessment in Local Government.

Third Sector

These include an evaluation of services for people with cancer in Coventry; a major review of governance for the UK’s leading social tech charity; and a series of evaluations of community based and third sector projects and programmes including Supporting people, Homelessness Grant, and Sport Wales’ Calls for Action.

Private Sector

Work here includes a study of the future of the public sector for the Leadership Centre and BT; a briefing for chief executives on European economic outlook and implications for UK local government for Bloomberg; strategy and market development for a FTSE 250 company in the social housing sphere; ongoing advisory work for a major consultancy firm; an advisory and independent chairing role for BT Wales; and the development of a customer services strategy for one of the largest UK private social care providers.


We have carried out evaluations for DCMS on the long term legacy and impact of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; for the Council of European Municipalities on their working structures and policy development process; for Sport Wales on its Calls for Action Programme; and for DECC on the first round of EMR delivery.

Training and Recruitment

This has included leadership training for Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire County Councils; governance training for heath service leaders and for Public Health Wales; training in decentralization in Tunisia and South East Asia; and training in performance management in Kosovo.