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RCS offers a unique fusion of senior analytic, research and practitioner capabilities and skills.

Its Principals and Directors are Professor Tim Allen, Mike Bennett, Dr Clive Grace OBE, Professor Steve Martin and Sandra Harris.

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About us

RCS offers a unique fusion of analytic, research and practitioner capabilities and skills. Our Principals have spent their careers challenging, informing and improving governance and performance in the public sector and advising private and social enterprise.


  • Our principals work with UK and international governments, devolved administrations, local councils and other public bodies as well as private and social enterprise.

    We support governmental bodies with policy development and implementation, operating in sensitive and political circumstances and engaging with the political and legislative process.

    We develop robust and innovative governance for managing performance in intergovernmental contexts – aligning performance regimes and building capacity for community planning across cities, regions and nations.

    We specialise in building capacity in governmental bodies, professional societies and local government associations.

  • Our research is focused on delivering high relevancy to practitioners and driven by academic rigour. We publish in practitioner specific outputs as well as in international peer reviewed journals.

    We have particular expertise in the connection between research and policy in local government and local governance (ie knowledge exchange and co-production between local government and academia).

    We have deep experience researching, reviewing and evaluating major governmental policy developments and spending programmes.

  • Our principals are experts at leading and improving public services and public service associations.

    We offer strategic support to public services developing good governance in public services (eg the relationship between management and politics, governing arrangements for public programmes, high performing boards in executive agencies).

    We have particular experience and expertise on sector-led improvement and central-led intervention in failing councils and other public bodies.

    We work with governmental bodies identifying and interpreting the significance of data, research and analysis and the ability to differentiate these implications geographically and for different types of authority/organisation.

  • The RCS business model is effectively that of a collegiate non-profit making group, founded on a collaboration between the Principals. Apart from a small operational and organisational budget, RCS does not retain profit or surplus – the Principals and Associates earn on a project by project basis according to the budgets and outcomes agreed with clients, but with every project being the direct responsibility of one or more of the Principals. There is therefore very strong and direct accountability for delivery, management and quality in relation to every project, as well as the Principals’ determination to build the reputation and standing of the company itself, building on their own reputations for quality and delivery. We only undertake projects where we can add real value, and which we can deliver to time and quality.

    In addition, through our carefully selected team of Associates, we have access to a far reaching network of expertise, knowledge and capability.

  • The Principals of RCS worked together for many years before they formed UK Research and Consultancy Services Ltd in February 2013. All of them have a longstanding commitment to public service, and all have made substantial and senior contributions to a range of public service bodies. Between them they have detailed experience of all four home nations of the UK, and of working in a public service context across the world.

    RCS is the trading name of UK Research and Consultancy Services Ltd and the Company Number is 08390837. The registered address is 310 Wellingborough Road, Northampton, NN1 4EP and the Company also has a number of trading addresses throughout the UK.

  • Our collaboration creates a unique fusion of experience, expertise and value for money. Our team comprises international consulting experience, excellence in research design and delivery and high achievement leading public service bodies.

What we do

A unique fusion of senior analytic, research and practitioner capabilities and skills.


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Our work

Frameworks, clients and projects

RCS has been appointed to the following Framework Contracts:

  • Local Government Association: Research and Consultancy
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change: Evaluation
  • Guernsey Public Accounts Committee: Third Party Reviews

RCS and its Principals have delivered a wide range of evaluation, research, consultancy and training projects on behalf a large number of clients in the public, voluntary and private sectors. Examples include:

  • Local Government Association
  • Kosovo Government and Helvetas
  • Welsh Government
  • Economic and Social Research Council
  • Third Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Evaluations
  • Training and Recruitment

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